Getting Rid of Rust

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There’s nothing worse than touching a rusty gate- other than owning one- and while iron gates are strong, they are not resistant. Over a handful of years, your brand spanking new gates will undoubtedly undergo extreme weather changes causing a … Continued

Balcony Safety

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If you’re like most people, waking up to the smell of brewing coffee and the heat of a hot summer day is what mornings on holiday were made for. There is nothing better than strolling onto your own personal balcony, … Continued

Finishing Touches

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Have you ever had the feeling that something is missing? You’ve heard all about our wide selection of gates, however what good will the installation of new gates be when they don’t make your home feel complete? Introducing our range … Continued

Benefits of Handrails

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Handrails for the stairs have many benefits, some of which aren’t readily visible upon first inspection. Whether you’re walking up some stairs or viewing a landscape at the highest level of an indoor or outdoor area, many people want to … Continued

The Benefits of Balconies

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Balconies are usually in the form of platforms surrounded by railings. Balconies have been around for thousands of years- dating as far back as the days of Ancient Rome. Unlike front yards and backyards, balconies provide a reasonable amount of … Continued