Biggest Gates in the World- Part 2

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When travelling the world there are many different landscapes to visit, all with interesting backgrounds behind them. Gates have been used for millions of years, for safety and have interesting meanings. There are many gates that are visited by thousands of people each day, just due to how big they are.

Arch of Triumph in Pyongyang, North Korea

The Arch of Triumph is a very historical monument in North Korea, the meaning behind the Arc of Triumph is when it was built was to respect of the resistance shown between the Koreans to the Japanese, between 1925 to 1945. The Arch of Triumph is over 50 metres high, and was produced in 1982. The Arch also is used to represent the Korean president at the time, Kim II-sung’s role as president in the military resistance gaining the Koreans the independence they deserved. The Arch of Triumph was produced when the president reached his 70th birthday, therefore there are twenty-five thousand blocks of white granite to represent each day of his life at that moment.

The Gateway Arch, in Saint Louis

The final gate too mention is the biggest arch in the world. St Louis in America is the owner of the biggest gate in the world, being 190m tall (630-foot). The Arch is the most prominent monument to come from St Louis and is the tallest monument that is made by males in the US and wins the award of the tallest arch in the world. The Gateway Arch is made of stainless steel built to represent the expansion of the United States, and dedicated “The American People” due to its pure size it has become a tourist attraction and recognised as the symbol of St Louis.

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