How to maintain your Resin Bound Driveway over the colder months…

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September has quickly sprung upon us, summer has long gone and the colder days are drearily creeping up on us. As the winter weather is both beautiful and very dangerous- your driveway will most likely be covered in frosty conditions. Therefore, it is important to keep your driveway as safe and prestige as possible over the winter months which means adding a little more TLC to your driveway.

Applying salt to your driveway in the winter months is the best way to prevent any ice forming, and can help melt away the ice/frost that has unexpectedly made its way their already. Using salt on your driveway won’t harm your driveway at all in any way, and will only just make it safer. Also using a plastic spade will be a safe way of scooping up any excess snow or ice from your driveway, as there are no loose stones there won’t be any mess made. We don’t recommend using a metal spade when scooping up snow/ice from your driveway as it can damage your driveway and the force of the metal can dig into the surface of your driveway.

As an overall maintenance routine, we recommend using a stiff bristled brush hosing with a hose pipe, using a hose pipe at the same time to make your driveway looks as clean and prestige as possible. It is unlikely for weeds to grow however if they do then use the appropriate weed killer to ensure they are removed.

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