A well-designed residential exterior is incredibly important as each component must complement one another in order to create a design that will leave the neighbours green with envy. In fact, wooden gates are considered one of the most popular options on the market thanks to their ability to offer style and security simultaneously. With this said, wood is a very high-maintenance material which means that homeowners must be prepared to put their time and effort into preserving it. Read on as we go over three common causes of wood rot that can quickly destroy a wooden gate…

Pest and Fungi Infestation

Although pests and fungal decay are more common inside a building, it is also possible for an infestation to attack exterior wooden designs such as fences and gates too. After all, prolonged exposure to the elements without any protective measures can do a lot of damage. Wood can become swarmed by things like termites, which gnaw away at the wood and compromise it’s integrity. If this happens then you might want to visit a website like https://www.pestcontrolexperts.com/local/texas/fort-sam-houston/ in order to get it under control. There are a variety of different types of fungal infestation including white rot, which turns the wood itself into a sticky and stringy substance and wet rot, which causes a black fungus to grow on the surface of the wood and will eventually destroy it.


Since a wooden gate is outside and exposed to the elements every single day, there is always a risk that moisture may lead to the development of rot. After all, wood is a permeable material which means that water will soak into the pores and causing it to expand/swell considerably. This excess moisture coupled with high humidity levels provides the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria that can eventually lead to the development of rot.

Lack of Maintenance

To some degree, the majority of rot causing phenomena are beyond the homeowner’s control, however, a lack of maintenance can provide the perfect environment for rot development too. After all, wood is an incredibly vulnerable material which is why the property owner must pay attention to its condition all year round. In fact, the simple act of applying a sealant and a primer can ensure that excess moisture doesn’t penetrate the pores, preventing rot from developing in the process.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we believe that every homeowner should be prepared to look after their brand-new wooden gate, particularly when it comes to timber. After all, this material is incredibly susceptible to moisture related damage and repeated cycles of swelling and shrinking can cause the wood to splinter beyond repair. Luckily, there are many different ways to preserve a wooden gate through routine and regular maintenance. To find out more information, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester and speak to a member of the Cheshire Metalcraft team today!