Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we pride ourselves on how wide our range of gates are. After all, not everyone is looking for the iron wrought appeal. Luckily, we also have a high quality variety of timber gates to choose from which offer all of the beauty without any of the metal. Here are three things you should consider if you are enquiring about timber gates…


The one things that often puts people off timber gates is the amount of maintenance they require. Whilst it is true that wooden gates require much more maintenance in comparison to iron wrought ones, the benefits far outweigh the time that will be spent looking after your gates. After all, well cared for timber gates can last for more than a decade!


If you are trying to create an aesthetic appeal on the exterior of your home then it may be wise to consult with a landscaper in order to ensure that timber gates fit in with the image you are trying to bring to life. Most of the time timber gates blend well into a rustic type of design however they can also be stained in order to fit in with modern ones too.


Timber gates, particularly high quality ones, can look like an unnecessary expenditure if you have a strict budget to stick to however it is important to remember that all gates are an investment for the future. After all, gates that are taken care off correctly can last anywhere from 5 to 25 years! If you split the upfront cost over this guaranteed lifespan, it is more than affordable.

Built with strength and durability in mind, our range of timber gates here at Cheshire Metalcraft are some of the best on the market. After all, we believe that the quality of your gates is not something that should be hit or miss. To find out more information about our timber gate designs, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!