Like our wrought iron gates, steel and plastic composite gates come with a huge array of benefits compared to traditional timber! The combination of steel and plastic is incredibly strong, waterproof, resistant to rot, nearly maintenance-free, and can utilise recycled materials! But one often overlooked advantage of opting for steel-plastic composite is an easy choice from a range of colours and styles, so that you can fine tune your gates to your home’s external aesthetic. Let’s have a look at the best styles to match with common steel-plastic gate colour options:

Black or Dark Grey

Black or dark grey are the darker colour options available for your new gate, and these dark hues are an ideal neutral option that could work well with any environment, especially if you opt for a plain finish. Black or dark grey would also fit perfectly with a modern property featuring a black and white scheme.

Light Grey

Light grey is also a wonderful neutral option but brings an airier presence to your exterior. This option would be perfect for gardens featuring pastel colours for a gentle and inviting space, or to soften a black and white scheme into a tricolour black-white-grey one.


A tan finish brings the bright and lively colour of light woods, which can accentuate natural outdoor spaces with plenty of plants and flowers, especially if your new gate has a wood grain finish. If your garden area is smaller than average, this brighter hue will help visually expand that space and make it feel like a less restrictive area!


A dark brown finish displays a deep hue that channels dark woods like walnut and mahogany. When taken with a natural wood grain finish, these gates would be exquisitely placed around a woodland area or a garden space with lots of trees.

No matter what your aesthetic you’ve chosen for your exterior space, steel-plastic composite gates in your favourite colour and finish can be the perfect final touch to your design! Whether a modern property with a monochromatic theme or an old farmhouse with a personal woodland area, the right choice of gates on your property can provide security and privacy while also completing your aesthetic with a flourish.