It is important to question technology rather than rely on it. After all, nothing is invincible and even gates need to be maintained on a regular basis in order to ensure that they are functioning as intended. With this said, many people tend to be worried that the automation aspect could consider them dangerous, especially around children. Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we are the experts when it comes to everything gate related which is why are going to share our wisdom on the topic…


The biggest worry that people have about automatic gates is the injuries that they may sustain if a person was to cross their path. After all, it is hard to deny that the technology does come with a degree of risk. With this said, having the correct safety measures in place can ensure that both adults and children are more than safe around automatic gates. These include sensors and safety edges, which detect movement where there shouldn’t be movement in order to act accordingly and stop moving.

Emergency Stop

Perhaps the most important safety measure that automatic gates are equipped with is an emergency stop button. In fact, from elevators to treadmills, almost every piece of technology comes with this kind of feature. After all, it is a lifesaving precaution that guarantees the safety of automatic gates and allows people to react quickly in the event of a gate related incident.


Since automatic gates are often found outside, the electronics are locked inside a waterproof cover in order to protect it from the rain. After all, many people worry that contamination can cause the gates to malfunction and lead an injury. Whilst poorly maintained gates can become the victim of weather damage, the likeness of the motor being affected by heavy rainfall is incredibly rare.

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