Cheshire Metalcraft are well known for our high-quality wrought iron gates and railings, but did you know we also supply incredible CCTV systems to further boost your security at home? Installing a CCTV system can have many benefits, with safety and protection forming the main reasoning that most decide to opt for one! Take a look below at some of the ways a CCTV system can benefit your property.

Prevent Crime in Your Neighbourhood

There is strong evidence that installing a visible CCTV system not only protects you in case of crime, it also helps prevent crime too! This effect is strongest at preventing thefts, burglaries, and breaking-in to vehicles, which is the ideal prevention to have around your neighbourhood! The prevention effect is so potent that fake or ‘dummy’ CCTV cameras are commonplace in small local shops and newsagents, where a real system may be too pricey. Installing a CCTV system around your house is sure to help prevent crime in your area.

Boost Your Security

Even though having CCTV visibly installed around your home helps prevent crime, you also want to be fully covered in the event that a crime does take place. CCTV covers you completely by providing you with irrefutable recorded evidence for you to submit to the police or the courts to prove you have been the victim of a crime. It may not even be a crime you’ve recorded, perhaps it’s accidental damage you need to claim on your insurance – with CCTV footage your case will be undeniable!

Improve The Value Of Your Home

Everyone wants to live in a safe, secure neighbourhood free from crime. Having a CCTV system installed helps prevent crime and protect the home, so any future interested buyers will see this as a huge bonus! New occupiers of the property won’t have to worry about installing their own system, and they will benefit from the reduces crime levels. Installing a high-quality CCTV system around your property is a sure way to raise the asking price for when you put your home on the market.