Picking which gate to use in your home is an important choice, and we don’t want you to make the wrong choice. Both timber and metal have pros and cons when it comes to automatic gates, and it’s important to go with what would suit you the most and fit your home well. Gates are an important choice as they are used for privacy and they also presented at the front of your house therefore they create a first impression of your home.

Wooden gates are more modern and have started becoming more popular as they provide more privacy into your home. Usually coming from softwood, the timber is a lot cheaper and you can design the gates specifically to fit your requirements. With timber gates, they provide the ultimate privacy as they are essentially a barrier protecting your home, and provide higher levels of security over due to it being a lot harder for intruders to get past these gates. Timber has natural grains on it and they can be perfected and finished at a high level to make your gates look as effective as possible.

However, with timber due to it being a natural material it can rot and deteriorate over time, if it is well maintained regularly. Also, if timber isn’t built properly, the timber is likely to start splitting and then the overall design and aesthetics of your gate will be ruined.

However, unlike timber, metal gates are a lot more well-polished as they add a sense of elegance to your house and due to being around for thousands of years they add an old-world feel. Metal can be moulded and formed to create different types of patterns and intricate designs that are suitable to your personality. Due to metal being man-made it requires a lot less maintenance and keeps it appearance, therefore will work for years without an issue.

Metal provides a lot less privacy, when onlookers walk by they can see into your house, however you would remain secure. Metal is a lot heavier than timber, therefore you need to ensure you have a strong bracket to secure the metal without ruining your walls.

Overall, there are advantages and disadvantages to both materials, however both make excellent gates, it just depends on what fits your home the best. Here at Cheshire Metal Craft, we have the best gates Manchester can offer, with a range of materials and are able to create intricate designs that suit your requirements!