Contrary to belief it is actually quite easy to mock up a gate and install it to a surface however the job will never be completed to the same standard as a professional could do. In fact there are a few things that must be taken into consideration before a gate can be installed regardless of the design that the customer has chosen and most of the time someone attempting DIY will not be aware of them. In order to raise awareness of the complexity of the considerations, we put together this blog on the topic…

The Brickwork

An average single gate weights between 25 and 100 kg which means that a double gate, the most commonly requested type, will weigh much more. In order to ensure that the structure you want to apply one to is strong enough it is important to test that it is capable of holding such a weight and to do this you have to look at the possible problems that bad brickwork can present.

Possible Problems

Subsidence: This simply means the motion of the surface as overtime the ground can start to sink lower and lower, leaving the water leaning on one side. If you plan on hanging a gate on a brick wall that is suffering from subsidence then you can end up causing it to topple over. It is always wise to fix the wall problem before installing the gate.

Crumbling: The ‘freeze/thaw’ cycle that occurs during the colder months of the year can cause brickwork to crumble which means that applying a gate to this structure can cause it to become too weak to actually support the weight necessary.

Vehicle Damage: Whilst many people do not consider this being a problem, a brick wall that has been hit by a car at a high impact can leave it unsteady and at risk of collapsing.  Adding the weight of an iron or steel gate to this can only exacerbate the situation and cause it to collapse.

Many people think that gate installation is a straight forward job however the reality is anything but that. After all, the last thing you want to do is install your gate on an angle or in a way that damages the structure. For more information or to get the professionals in, speak to the best gates in Manchester today!