With social media allowing us to share what we are doing at almost every single moment of the day, the risk of robbery and vandalism has slowly begun to increase as lawbreakers take advantage of the heads up when a homeowner is out of their property. Take former England and Chelsea footballer John Terry as an example; the sports star had his mansion broken into after he shared a post on social media that he was skiing with his family. Read on to find out a few ways you can deter vandalism and burglary…


Being caught on camera is perhaps the worst way to commit a crime which is why having CCTV cameras installed on your property is one of the most effective ways to prevent a robbery from taking place. In fact, previous burglars said in 2017 that many break-ins are opportunist so an easy access without the prospect of being caught or seen is what criminals tend to look for and CCTV installation doesn’t offer this.

Security Lights

Motion activated security lights draw attention to a property and whilst the neighbours may not think much of it at first, repeated activation could signal that something out of the ordinary is taking place. Since burglars tend to target properties where the risk of being caught is second to none the idea is that security lighting would bring too much attention to them so they will look for an easier place to target.


High quality and secure gates not only deter crimes like vandalism and burglary, they can stop it happening in the first place. After all, being able to get past a gate is the only way that the criminals will gain access to the property so investing in high quality timber and steel gates not only make your property incredibly secure, the height of these designs make your privacy very optimal as the lookouts can’t even peek into your window to see if there is anything worth taking in the first place.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we want every single homeowner to feel like their property is protected, whether they are in bed or out for the night. After all, the last thing that anybody wants to do is be greeted with smashed glass and missing belongings the next morning. To find out more information about our new CCTV system and high quality ironwork, get in contact in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!