As the experts in the gate industry, the team here at Cheshire Metalcraft feel that it is only right we share what we know with our readers and potential clients. After all, there is nothing worse than listening to the professionals talk amongst one another about your needs and being left unable to understand half of it. Due to this, we’ve put together this blog on the most common gate related terminology so that you are able to stay in the loop…

Finial Tips: These are the decorative points that are welded onto the top of a gate. In fact, they give an iron wrought gate their signature look and are very good at deterring intruders since they can be dangerous to climb over if the gate is tall.

Pickets: The vertical pieces that stand upwards on a gate are known as pickets and they can be made from iron or aluminium. They tend to be passed through a hole on the rail however iron sees them welded in place whilst aluminium screws them into place.

Rails: The horizontal piece of material discussed above is known as the rail and it has holes in it so that the pickets can pass straight through. In fact, they are often called the backbone of a gate since all the other pieces connect to it in some way.

Post: The large square piece that is often submerged in concrete or bolted to the floor is known as the post. It is what you hang the gate to in order to create the swing (if you choose a swinging gate).

Post Cap: Decoration is key however a post cap does much more than make a gate look nice. It also prevents water and debris from building up inside the post since they are hollow inside.

Now you know what the words mean it’s time to get in contact and purchase your own gates! Whether you want to secure your driveway, make your property more private or simply glam up the exterior of a parking lot, we have the gates for you! For more information, contact a member of the team today and ask for the best gates in Manchester!