Gates can be installed pretty much anywhere for a range of different reasons; in the home for security, in the driveway for car use and even in farms and sanctuaries for users who own horses. We understand that, if you’re a horse owner, your noble steed is the top priority when it comes to safety and protection. They’re practically another child in the family and here at Cheshire Metalcraft, our gates are manufactured to the best quality to ensure pony and handler safety is never risked. You want your horse to be looked after in the best way possible, from secure gates to a fully functioning horse hay slow feeder, horses’ needs must be met in order for them to feel safe in their surroundings.

Here are our top two benefits of gates for horse handlers and owners:

Security. During the warmer months, horses are ‘turned out’ which, for the non-horse folk out there, means they remain outside in a large field overnight and are typically brought in during the day. Cheshire Metalcraft understands that horse owners want to ensure that on the following day, they find their moody mare inside the very field they left them in. Single yet wide swinging gates provide the best security as they are wide enough to allow large horses to pass through but simple enough to manoeuver when simultaneously handling a 1-ton horse.

Trespassers. There is nothing worse than entering land which you own, whether it be a studio, a home or a piece of farm land, to find that unwelcomed guests have trespassed. Similar to the security of keeping your horse inside the field, the use of large gates allows the possibility of a padlock which ultimately keeps nosey parkers off your land. This is also aided by signs warning trespassers that they will be prosecuted.

Are you looking to ensure the safety and security of your gentle giant? Visit Cheshire Metalcraft for the best gates Manchester has to offer for a free no obligation quote if you are within 50 miles of our Cheshire workshop!