wrought iron gates

Do you have a property that’s a little lacking in space, but you still find yourself wanting one of our traditional wrought iron gates installed? For example, there are plenty of times where a swing gate simply has no room to swing open as it would only create an obstacle, and even more cases where the gate just hasn’t got enough space to give way to cars trying to drive through. If that sounds a little bit like your situation, you’ll definitely want to look into the electric sliding gates that we have here at Cheshire Metalcraft!

Electric sliding gates, as the name might suggest, present an alternative to the typical swing gate. They save a huge amount of space in front of the gate and behind it, though they do require a little more space on either side in order to fully retract. In many properties, this can present a fantastic alternative and an easy solution to the problems presented by the installation of a traditional swing gate.

Electric sliding gates also come with a higher degree of security than most other kinds of wrought iron gates, primarily due to the fact that they’re much harder to force open. Where swinging gates come to rest at a central point without much of an anchor, electric sliding gates embed themselves within a rigid structure and are therefore incredibly difficult to dislodge. This also has the additional effect of making the most vulnerable points of electric sliding gates harder to find and exploit, so they’re definitely the best choice for the security conscious!

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we’re experts when it comes to providing wrought iron gates in Manchester, Stockport and beyond. We’re always installing electric sliding gates where a property just doesn’t have enough room for traditionally swinging iron gates, so there’s no reason we couldn’t lend you a helping hand as well! Make sure you get in contact as soon as you can!