Ordering a new gate can be a fun task. You must make sure though that you choose the right one, made from the correct material and at the correct size. You can buy online in any design you can think of pretty much, but with Cheshire Metalcraft you can design your own, or have the team at the workshop design a bespoke one for you. The key thing to remember is to pick a design that will fit in and complement the home and gardens existing style. So, with that in mind, here are some things to consider when choosing the material for your new gate.

Not only are wrought iron gates robust and durable, they can also look stunning. They add charisma particularly if it’s an elaborate design and can give off a feel of streamlined-ness. Wrought iron gates and coordinating railings became trendy in the late 1600’s and to this day people still decide on them for their houses and properties, demonstrating how persistent the idea of this kind of gate is. Wrought iron gates, specifically the bespoke kind, can add worth onto a property too. Sophisticated in style, wrought iron gates complete the look of a property without that boxed in feeling. Their main downside though is that because there are gaps between the bars, your privacy is somewhat limited.

Timber can offer a rural appeal that isn’t not likely with wrought iron. With the natural the wood increasing the attractiveness of the complete design, a gate of this type is appropriate for pretty much any residential property. The disadvantage to a wooden garden gate is that without regular maintenance it can start to deteriorate and eventually a replacement will be required. However the privacy levels are increased as you cannot see through the wood.

We serve Manchester, Cheshire and Stockport, so if you’re considering a new look for your home and you’re within fifty miles of us here in Cheshire, give us all call for a free no obligation consultation. We’ve designed and fitted gates all over the city, on farms, workshops, business premises, residential homes; you name it, we’ve done it and can definitely do it again. If you’re searching for a professional and quality metalcraft team to install bespoke gates in Urmston, Stretford, Hale, Sale, Eccles and any of the surrounding areas, call us now to arrange your quote and start the ball rolling today.