Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we only provide and install the highest quality automated gate systems. We source from the leading suppliers including BFT, Videx and Nice who provide a 2-year warranty for their products. Automated gates might seem like something you’d only expect to see in the homes of celebrities and wealthy families, but in reality they’re a lot more than just a status symbol.

Obviously one of the main purposes of a gate is to keep people out, and to keep you in; if you have children even more so. If you have an automated gate however, your peace of mind increases greatly knowing that the gate can’t just be opened by anyone, your children included. This reduces a lot of the risks associated with children playing out in the garden by themselves, including chasing that runaway football into the road, innocently riding their bikes out into the path of an oncoming vehicle and wandering off after the neighbourhood cat. It also reduces the risk of strangers getting into your garden. Nobody wants to think about that, but your childs safety must be paramount.

Automated gates also keep out those pesky door to door salesmen and canvassers who just happen to call at your home when you’re cooking dinner – it’s like they knew you were going to be in at 6pm… – and they also keep out those dodgy scam artists who insist you need a new roof when in actual fact there’s nothing wrong with it. Your car is a lot safer too behind automated gates as it can’t be just driven clean off the driveway.

Of course, with automated gates there’s the chance that something can go wrong. You’re leaving for work, you need to drop the children off at the childminder en route, but the gates just won’t play ball. They’re stuck. You’re pressing every key but nothing is happening. That’s why we ensure there’s a manual override mechanism that we show you how to operate, making sure you’re confident with it before we leave the installation. You can of course call us and we will be happy to help you, but the manual override is there for you first of all. The manual override also works in cases of emergencies, which is crucial.

If you’re considering having automated gates installed but aren’t sure, give us a call or pop into our yard and we’d love to talk it through with you. For bespoke gates in Manchester and the surrounding Cheshire areas, we’re here for you. Give us a call today.