When it comes to any kind of manufacturing or installation process, be it big or small, safety is always the first priority.

In our work, we rarely see any problems, however automated gates are the kind of gates that need extra care and attention when it comes to safety, for obvious reasons.

When a customer places an order for an automated gate, we always run through the safety guidelines associated with such a products and take the customer through anything they’re not 100% certain on. Answering any queries is essential and helps to reduce any mishaps. This can include anything from what to do in the event of a malfunction to how to use the manual override key. A copy of the Force Test Certificate is provided with every installation which is to confirm that the gates comply with all regulations regarding the amount of pressure they exert.

From our side of things, we keep a detailed record of all customer information and corresponding gate serial numbers which lets us keep up to date with where our gates are fitted. This also ensures no mistakes are made and all gates are fitted to the correct property. All of this customer information and sales data is organized and managed using sales cloud software that is available to businesses of any type, this improves our reliability and the service we offer to you.

Carrying out risk assessments is of primary importance to us. Moreover, thanks to recent technological developments such as EHS Insight Risk Assessment Analysis Software and Management Tools, it has never been easier to identify various hazards, assess associated risks, and track controls. By identifying hazards and assessing their risks in advance, organizations can increase productivity, avoid injuries, and prevent costly incidents.

Correspondingly, during the manufacturing process, only the highest quality materials are used to ensure 100% reliability and satisfaction. Once it has been completed and installed, we have a comprehensive checklist that we complete:

  • Completed compressive risk assessment
  • All relevant installation instructions
  • All relevant user instructions
  • Force test certificate (pass required)
  • Maintenance manual
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Gate must be CE marked

We want people to love our gates and live with them in a safe way which is why we put so much emphasis on safety and security. If you’re looking for safe gates in Manchester, contact us at Cheshire Metalcraft today 0161 428 4848 / 0161 962 3838.