Business owners’ number one worry is ensuring that their property is protected from thieves, and this means having all security measures to keep thieves away. It starts with the most simple safety measures that some people still don’t have in their house – window shades or blinds or shutters or something along those lines. This is simply so the perpetrator cannot see into the house and feel invited to take anything you may have on show. Then of course for extra safety you can install security grilles. Security grilles prevent many break ins, but business owners don’t know the benefit of installing grilles in front of any windows or doors.

It’s known that most security grilles are installed after a property has been broken into, when owners research the benefits of installing grilles and the security that grilles give. But why wait until a break in has already occurred?

High-quality heavy grilles can prevent thieves from entering your property at all. With an alarm system, the police would be called and would arrive before the thieves would be able to get into the property. Further security can be added through the use of window film. Many business owners choose to instal safety window film as, not only does it delay thieves even further, it also protects the glass from shattering and causing an accident, should it break for any reason.

If anything, installing grilles provides peace of mind that you are adding as much security to your property as possible before leaving it unattended. This means you have a higher possibility that all your valuables and equipment will be safe in the building overnight. For extra security, it may be wise to look at contacting the services of a commercial security business to help with patrolling the building during the night. Looking online at websites like can help with your research when you are making a decision.

There are two types of grilles that you can get to fit your property. Aluminum is a lot lighter of the two grille options, however, it is extremely strong. It is easier to maintain and therefore some owners opt for this metal. It still creates a very strong barrier ensuring that thieves are unlikely to get past it due to its strength. The other grille metal is wrought iron this is a lot heavier and is unbreakable, therefore providing extreme security.

Security grilles are at an affordable price and easily installed. Meaning you need to question what is stopping you installing grilles and upping your security and the safety of your business?

Security grilles are more beneficial on windows, with roller shutters on a window you lose the natural lighting and are unable to open the window meaning it can create a claustrophobic feel. However, with grilles, you can have full access to your windows and it won’t affect the security of the property.

Security is the most important thing, and Cheshire Metalcraft has years of experience and doesn’t just provide the best gates Manchester has seen, but also ensure security is at its highest and install security grilles and many other security features.

If you are in need of extra security during the day, you can always think about getting guarded turnstiles at the point of entry to your business building, there are a multitude of ways turnstiles can be designed to fit in with what you want your security to be. Click here to see how you can use these for your business and be secure from day to night.