In the last blog we talked about double gates, however this week it’s time to go back to basics. We’re talking about the infamous single gate.

Simple Navigation

Single gates present an opening which is fairly easy to control. Since there is only one opening, usually with the use of a hook or latch, this means that single gates tend to be better suited for the elderly or those with children. Double gates tend to be secured in the middle with both parts moving opposite to each other when opened, which is more difficult to open and secure compare to the ease of the single counterpart.

Horse Pastures

For those lucky few who have the funds to own or loan a horse, single gates are a favourable choice for small pastures as they are much easier to open and close whilst simultaneously trying to control a horse. Any horse owner knows that their gentle giant loves to test their limits and that they will play up at the most crucial moments, such as when you are fiddling with double gates. In this instance, the ease and control of a single gate is generally preferred.

In Your Home

If you are looking for the perfect gate to add those finishing touches to your home, single gates are the way to go if you don’t have much space to fill. Smaller sized gardens that have double gates installed tend to look generally ‘overcrowded’ as the gate just doesn’t fit with the garden type. Sometimes people can become so fixed on owning one thing, such as double gates, that they forget about whether it actually works. Single gates add a splash of elegance, fit in perfectly with these kind of properties and promotes security.

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