At Cheshire Metalcraft, we’re well versed in creating the most dependable metal handrails Hale has to offer. Here’s an example of a job we undertook recently to bring our handiwork to a residential property in need of a little extra practicality, taking the form of a pair of our handrails Hale-wide.


We’re often asked to provide handmade metal handrails Hale-wide, and we don’t think it’s too hard to tell why they’re so popular. For one, handrails are incredibly practical, but they’re also a great way to enhance the aesthetics of your home or property without having to go all out. There’s also the added element of safety when adding metal handrails to your property, especially if it’s commercially used or otherwise sees frequent access.


Metal handrails Hale-wide can provide a place to balance should anyone need it, and a safeguard against falling off the edge of raised areas or where there may be a risk of injury without the right handrails Hale-wide providing a sturdy barrier. If you have pets or small children those same safety benefits can definitely apply at home, too, so don’t hesitate to get in touch no matter what kind of property you’re looking to pair up with our tremendous range of metal handrails Hale-wide. We’ll always go that extra mile to ensure you get something absolutely incredible and perfectly tailored to your individual situation, and at an unbelievably good price to boot!


The team here at Cheshire Metalcraft is always at the ready to provide top quality gates Manchester-wide, but that’s not the only thing we do! If you’ve been on the lookout for the most beautiful and hand-crafted metal handrails Hale has to offer, you’ll definitely want to take a look at our portfolio and get in contact as soon as you can – we can’t wait to get you some top quality metal handrails Hale-wide and you to our long list of happy customers!