There are many different factors that need to be considered when first installing a new gate, and if you want to go for an automatic gate you must choose whether a sliding gate or swinging gate is the one for you. There are benefits to both types of gates, but it depends on multiple factors as to whether you opt for one or the other- such as security, budget, etc.…


Swinging gates are usually cheaper than sliding gates, due to the equipment involved. With sliding gates, you must install a track to slide across the floor and rollers, whereas swinging gates only need hinges to swing through. However, both sliding gates and swinging gates are made from the same material and are normally the same size.

The Space You Have Available

If you only have a small front driveway, it would be a suggested idea that you consider sliding doors to save space. However, with sliding gates, you must ensure all the ground is equal to manually work, therefore potentially shrubs and other obstacles would have to be removed.

If your property is 12 feet or less than a single gate is more beneficial, it is preferred that you have the gate swinging inwards with enough space to put your car in the driveway, and there is enough room for the car to get in and out. A driveway that is over 12 feet is more suited to have a double swinging gate, however the gates don’t take as much room when opening and closing as overall, they are smaller than just one gate.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider on whether you want a sliding or swinging gate, there is also the material to think of when purchasing a new gate, such as timber iron etc. Automatic gates are so beneficial for security, enabling you to feel safer in your home. Here at Cheshire Metal Craft we have the best gates in Manchester, and are excellent Installers that can answer any questions you might have!