There are so many kinds of gates that it’s hard to make that all important decision. Will it fit correctly? Will it look right? Will you regret the decision? Nightmare horror stories creep into the mind like parasites.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we have gates for gardens, gates for driveways, gates for security and even gates for business. If you want gates, we’ve certainly got you covered and whilst all gates have their benefits, we’re going to focus on what the swinging and sliding subcategory have to offer.

In terms of budget, swinging gates tend to be more affordable than sliding due to their simplicity. Manual swinging gates can be operated by small children whereas its sliding counterpart is practically an automatic system which means that children cannot get involved. Despite this, automatics are generally preferred by those with disabilities or those wanting to add a splash of extra sophistication to the home. Plus, sliding gates need a track and rollers whereas swinging gates only require hinges.

Swing gates are the most maintenance free type of gate, especially if it is manual as there is no motor or electronics to worry about. On the other hand, a slide gate requires a clean track. Any debris such as sand or leaves can stop the gates from sliding correctly and even cause them to derail. Fret not; brushes can be purchased to prevent this from occurring.

Interestingly, sliding gates require little room to operate, however the ground does have to be level enough to allow them to manoeuvre freely. On the other hand, a swinging gate requires a lot of room to operate and if your drive is 12 feet or less in length, a single swing gate is recommended. Clearance is required on the opening side so that the gates can open completely and the gates usually open towards your property.

Are swinging or sliding the gates of your dreams? Whichever your choice, you’ve found the best gates Manchester has to offer. Get in contact with Cheshire Metalcraft today and let’s make those dreams a reality!