Gates are a full time responsibility and without human intervention from time to time they will start to suffer under the devasting effects of mother nature and the severe temperature changes that take place every season. Read on to find out the steps you should take to ensure that you gates stay in tip-top condition every season of the year…


Known as the first ‘wet’ season of the year, spring is when you can expect the most rainfall to occur and this can be problematic for both metal gates and wooden gates. For example, gates made from metal become susceptible to corrosion whereas wooden gates can expand and start to splinter. To prevent it, ensure that you regularly inspect metal gates for signs of rust and applying a water resistant paint to your wooden gates.


As temperatures begin to increase, wooden gates become vulnerable. This is because the sudden spike can cause timber to dry out and lead to splitting. In fact, dried out wood is that last thing you want to discover as it cannot be rectified so you should cover your gates with a wood stain in order to help it retain moisture.


The third season of the year is thought of as the second ‘wet’ period as rainfall begins to increase rapidly again, bringing back all of the potential problems of spring. Whilst the solutions are similar, it is important to also take the decreasing temperature into consideration as water that finds its way inside wood can freeze, expand and break the wood which would mean the end of the road for a wooden gate.


The cold temperature of winter means that snow is a big possibility and this can be devasting for automatic systems. After all, the oil that they rely on can potentially freeze under the low numbers which will prevent the automatic gates from opening. In addition to this, snow that melts rapidly could also find its way into the motor and wreak havoc on the electrical system. To prevent this, try covering the motor with a water resistant cover or cap.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we like to thing that our gates comes with a 10 year guarantee. In fact, by adapting your maintenance routine in order to suit the season and the variety of weather conditions that come with it, you may even find that your gates last even longer! To find out more information about maintaining your iron wrought and timber gets, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!