The outside of a property is just as important as the inside and that is why many homeowners choose to adorn the exterior with an elegant driveway gate. After all, they are a beneficial addition that can increase a property’s value without breaking the bank. Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we believe that a driveway gate is a must-have investment for every property owner which is why we have decided to go over some of the benefits that they can offer. Read on to find out more…


Perhaps the most popular reason why property owners decide to install a driveway gate revolves around security. After all, it provides a sense of control and gates with locks also prevent unwelcomed visitors like door to door salesmen from stepping foot on your property. This is because it is not uncommon for automatic driveway gates to come with additional security features like coded keypads or an intercom.


The gate industry is incredibly expansive, and this means that there are dozens upon dozens of different designs that homeowners can choose from. After all, we recognise that every property owner has a specific aesthetic that they wish to adhere to. Luckily, it is possible to find driveway gates in a range of versatile materials and styles.


Neighbours can either be a nuisance or a friendly face and it is only right that a homeowner would want to guarantee a certain degree of privacy. Luckily, a driveway gate can be specifically designed with this feature in mind in order to remove visual access to the prying eyes of noisy neighbours. For example, solid timber gates are the perfect privacy addition.

It is no secret that a driveway gate has the ability to tick every box when it comes to merging security with style. After all, there is no reasons why a property owner should have to sacrifice their privacy in place of aesthetics. With decades of experience in the design, manufacture and installation of the best gates Manchester has to offer, the team here at Cheshire Metalcraft are more than qualified enough to help. To find out more information about driveway gates, get in contact with a member of the team today!