The average household in the UK doesn’t have a balcony attached to the exterior of their property and here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we believe that they are missing out on a range of exciting benefits. After all, a balcony is an incredible investment that can last for decades at a time with the right maintenance and attention to detail from a dedicated homeowner. Read on as we go over some of the benefits that can be gained from the installation of a balcony…

Is a balcony aesthetically pleasing?

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of a balcony is the design potential that they offer homeowners. After all, they are elegant yet chic and have the ability to create the perfect exterior to a home without completely overwhelming the aesthetics. In fact, a balcony is also considered the perfect privacy tool as, depending on the style, it is possible to actually sit on them during the summer season.

How expensive is a balcony?

Although they look fancy, the average balcony can be purchased and installed for a reasonable price. After all, there are many different aspects to take into consideration before a final price can be drafted such as the style of the balcony, the size of the platform and the material that will be utilised in order to craft it. With this said, a well-designed and manufactured wrought iron balcony can last for decades which means that they are actually an investment for the future.

How many types of balconies are there?

Choosing the perfect balcony means that homeowners must consider the different styles that are available on the market. After all, each one is suited for a particular type of property and some, such as the Juliet balcony, are not even made with a platform to be stood on. With this said, hung balconies, stacked balconies and French balconies all offer the extra outdoor space that is to be expected and the variety that is available means that homeowners are free to choose the style of balcony that meets their aesthetic needs with ease.

When it comes to the balcony, it is important that clients do their research prior to purchase in order to ensure that they make the most suitable choice. After all, there are a variety of different styles available on the market and each one has the potential to benefit a properties exterior in a different way. Known for the best gates in Manchester, our expertise here at Cheshire Metalcraft involves the manufacture of high-quality wrought iron designs, including balconies! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the team today!