Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we are proud of the versatility of our product range. In fact, one of our most impressive services has got to be our specialised ironwork skills! After all, some of the most intricate gate designs are the result of this popular service.

In fact, the image above shows one of our most recent case studies that took place in Manchester depicting the trademark ‘bee’, which has become a popular symbol of solidarity in the wake of the 2017 terrorist attack. Here are a few benefits of specialised ironwork…

A Personal Touch

Investing in specialised ironwork allows you to be specific with the finished product and this means that you can implement personal elements in order to make the design stand out amongst the crowd. Whether it be a simple bit of detail or something that holds great sentimental value, there is nothing more exquisite than a personal touch.


Specialised ironwork is an art in its own right and the experts spend many hours painstakingly ensuring that every single aspect is perfect. Not only is this dedication something to be admired, but it also results in some of the most elegant designs in the gate industry. After all, your gate is the first thing that your guests will see and there is nothing wrong with using aesthetics in order to impress them!

Unique Design

Whilst it is perfectly acceptable to purchase a regular gate that is popular in the neighbour, there is a feeling that cannot be explained when you invest in a unique design. In fact, sometimes a generic design just doesn’t give your landscaping justice whereas specialised ironwork can really bring it to life the way you intended. If you have a 10×12 shed, sometimes it can look a little drab at the end of your garden, especially if it has been attacked by the elements. However, you could spruce the shed up by embellishing it with one of a kind artwork, adding your own unique spin to it, and creating a personalised storage solution. The shed will no longer look like a necessity of the garden, but as a gorgeous focal point.

When it comes to specialised ironwork we know how important it is to understand what the client is looking for. After all, that is who we want to impress! Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we use our knowledge and experience in the industry in order to develop a plan and provide a high quality finished product! To find out more about our specialised ironwork service, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!