Nothing says elegance like a well-designed balcony that has been manufactured in-house by the Cheshire Metalcraft team. After all, we believe that the reputation of these exterior décor elements is better left in the past as more and more property owners are choosing to invest in new and exciting ways to adorn the exterior of their property. Read on as we go through some of the different styles of balcony that are available on the market…

Stacked Balcony

Due to the simplicity of the stacked balcony design, it is said to be the most popular and the most economical to construct. After all, the style is in the name as the balconies are built one on top of another in a literal stacked formation, which is a separate structure to the building entirely, and can greatly reduce the load that a property has to bear when it comes to balcony construction.

Cantilevered Balcony

Constructed so that the balcony itself sticks out from the face of a building, a cantilevered balcony is characterised by its sheer lack of visible supports but this doesn’t mean that the design isn’t safe for use. After all, the weight of the load is supported by the intentional cantilevering wall structure and this means that the balconies do not require brackets and chains.

Hung Balcony

On the other hand, a hung balcony is characterised by the opposite and uses steel cables and chains fixed to the wall of the building in order to create the illusion that the balcony is being ‘hung’ from the surface at a 45° angle. Despite this design looking like a make or break balcony solution, the addition of these cables tends to be purely aesthetical.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we believe that a balcony is the perfect way to add a new aspect of refinement to a property. Plus, we understand that every client will have personal preferences when it comes to choosing the perfect balcony and that is why we are immensely proud of our varied product range, which offers clients the choice between a range of styles and materials. After all, we may be known for the best gates in Manchester, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t invest in our other services too. Get in contact with a member of the Cheshire Metalcraft team to find out more information today!