Whether you are worried about vandalism in the area or have recently been the victim of a burglary, CCTV can be a great way to secure your property and reduce the risk of a repeat attack. Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we believe that feeling safe in the home is every homeowners right and our CCTV system can even work in conjunction with an automated gate system.

As a great way to deter and catch criminal, a CCTV camera is a type of security measure put in pace in residential, commercial, and industrial locations. The anacronym stands for Closed-Circuit Television and can be purchased wireless or wired in order to meet the requirements of a range of different clients. In fact, they can also come with advanced features too for those looking to keep a property as secure as possible.


Whilst it is possible to purchase basic CCTV, it is much more cost effective to invest in a HD camera. The images are clearer and can help the police identify a criminal or read number plates much easier. In addition to this, CCTV cameras can also come with infra-red LED lights in order to provide a clearer picture at night, thermal imaging in order to track the movements of criminals inside a property and two-way audio in order to hear and speak through the camera.


Having a CCTV camera installed can actually deter crime as criminals often target properties and companies that are poorly secured. Similarly, they can also assist the police in tracking down those who have committed a crime because most thieves and vandals often fail to hide from the cameras during a spontaneous crime. In addition to this, CCTV can also be a great way to relieve worry and gives you peace of mind that your property is safe when you are not there.


With this said, CCTV is not a cheap investment, especially if you want the high-tech features, which means that you should be prepared to maintain it. After all, criminals that try their best to wreak as much havoc as possible will actually destroy CCTV cameras in order to avoid them capturing footage of the crime and it is the owner who has to replace them. Luckily, CCTV cameras are more likely to deter criminals than be destroyed by one.