One of our most popular kinds of gates here at Cheshire Metalcraft is Timber Gates. We’ve installed many Timber Gates in Manchester and the surrounding areas and it’s easy to see why. All of our Timber Gates here at Cheshire Metalcraft are built with strength, durability and aesthetics in mind. And you can see that in their build. Here are just some of the Timber Gates in Manchester that we have manufactured and installed:

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As you can see from just the two examples above, there’s a lot you can do with timber in relation to gates and security; and so you can put your own personal touch on your timber gates and have them reflect your personality and the personality of your home. Timber gates have a real rustic, country feel and we like them because they give a proper homely feel to a property, whilst still retaining their security elements.

Timber gates are also great if you want some added privacy as they provide more that wrought iron gates because they’re so solid. You can coat them too to protect them from the elements and ensure they don’t deteriorate over time.

All in all, timber gates are pretty all pro and no con! Contact us for more information and remember, if you live within a 50 mile radius of our workshop we provide free estimates!