We’re always flying the flag for wrought iron gates here at Cheshire Metalcraft; it would be a bit odd if we weren’t really! Usually when people are trying to emphasis the benefits of something, they usually do a list of top ten reasons; however, wrought iron gates are so fantastic that we had to do 11!

  1. 1. Wrought iron is an alloy and so wrought iron gates are much more rust resistant than pure iron.
  2. Eventually wrought iron gates can rust, but by painting every 3 to 4 years you can keep them looking amazing.
  3. If you’re after gates that are strong and extremely longwearing, then the durability of wrought iron gates will not let you down. It’s also resistant to shock, denting, and bending.
  4. Need to safeguard your children or pets? Wrought iron gates are perfect and if you go for the tall option you can keep out intruders too!
  5. If the worst happens and some part of your gate gets damaged, it can be fixed without the need to replace the whole gate!
  6. Wrought iron is ductile so you can choose your own kind of design. Speaking of…
  7. Wrought iron gates are so artistic and if you’re after something a little special then wrought iron gates are ideal.
  8. No matter what décor you have or whether you have a modern or traditional home, you can get wrought iron gates to suit your home.
  9. Wrought iron gates can be seen through, which gives you safety and some privacy without cutting you off completely from the world. You can still see out and appreciate the view whilst adding some security to the property.
  10. If you’re thinking about selling your home then wrought iron gates can add massive value onto your property.
  11. Installing wrought iron gates is eco-friendly and you can recycle the material if you ever decide to replace your gate or fence.