Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we take the utmost pride and care in what we do. We know that renovations to your home, indoor and outdoor can be costly, time consuming and inconvenient, so we want to make sure that no matter whatever product you’re considering buying from us that it’s a pleasant experience. We specialise in the design and manufacture of a vast range of metal and wooden gates, metal railings and fences, handrails, postboxes and also automated gates, and we’re with you right the way through from idea to completion.

Whether you need us for a private home or a commercial property, we’re here. We’re experienced craftsmen with twelve years’ experience, and this makes us perfect for the job you have in mind, no matter what the specification. No job is too big or too small for us. We can assure you that any product we sell to you is guaranteed to be top quality, and that our services will be professional and courteous. We start off by listening to you, listening to your ideas and your plans, what you hope to achieve by hiring us. We love to hear our customers ideas! We will come out to your home to talk with you, see the space you have, see what we have to work with already, and go from there. Our consultation is free if you live within a fifty mile radius too, and there’s no pressure to buy. That’s not the way we work. We want to make sure you can afford the product before you buy, we don’t want you to be without the things you need because of us. We want to make sure the price is right for you, our customer.

Our customers in the past have had only positive things to say about us and the services and products we provide. When they’ve left feedback for us, we’ve been really pleased with what we’ve read, because that’s why we do this job. We want to bring beautiful bespoke gates in Manchester to everyone. Whether it be for safety and security, or for aesthetics and looking pretty, we want to use our expertise to bring you what you want for your home. We’ve been called professional, first class, excellent, wonderful, and we’ve been told our prices are great and competitive. It really makes us proud of what we do here at Cheshire Metalcraft.