Wrought Iron gates create a beautiful aesthetic effect outside your home. Wrought iron gates have become a popular trend to have. Unfortunately, with so much metalwork, there comes rust, decay, and the need to refurbish your gate. Metalworks generally get less care than other parts of the house, when in fact most of the time, they need the most. A little TLC for exterior and interior metalwork can make a big difference.

Corrosion and Rust

Whether the wrought iron Is a century old or brand new, it is still subject to corrosion. But there is something you can do to hinder this. A coat of paint is the best defence against wear and tear. Paint protects the iron from rust by providing a coat over the iron so that oxygen and moisture can’t get at it.

Nowadays there are a number of paint colours that are formulated to give metal a durable, lead-free, and lustrous finish; whilst protecting it from wear and tear. Black, bronzeor very dark green or grey are the best colours to paint your gates. Stay clear of lighter colours, as rust stains will bleed through and become much more visible than they would with darker colours. Even though paint protects the iron, a poorly done paint job can be more damaging than just leaving it in the first place.

Preparation is key

Paint may be the best layer against decay. However, it isn’t just as simple as slapping on a fresh layer on. To ensure the best paint job possible, you want to grind or sand off the excess rust and bring down the level of corrosion, A good grinding can bring your metalwork down to base level, so that when you repaint, the finish will look as clean as possible.

Many older paints, especially those used from metalwork, contain lead, which can be harmful if inhaled or ingested. So when grinding or sanding off your metal work, make sure to do so in a safe way.

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