We often take railings for granted even though they are an integral part of keeping people safe in society. From staircases to decking’s, railings are incredibly important and they can even add an air of aesthetic beauty to a location too. Whilst our primary focus here at Cheshire Metalcraft is our gates, we have decided to branch off and take a look at why railings are such an integral and important installation…


A railing is not just a means of safety, it can also be an aesthetic addition. In fact, many walls can have railings mounted on top of them in order to add an elegant appeal to the exterior of a property and even improve its value. After all, buyers are drawn to aspects that are immediately pleasing to the eye and you would be surprised how much difference a simple railing can make.


Many people often underestimate how much security a railing can actually provide however they are quite strong and durable. In fact, most railing designs are fitted with aspects at the top known as ‘speared finials’ and whilst these can be designed for aesthetic purposes, they can also be crafted to prevent intruders from climbing over. Of course, railings with security in mind would have to be considerably taller than those made for aesthetic reasons.


Railing are installed in dangerous locations such as balconies, staircases and rooftops in order to prevent dangerous and even deadly falls. In fact, they are so commonplace that we tend to hold onto a railing subconsciously without even questioning whether one would be there. This is because many health and safety laws and regulations now require buildings to install railings as a means of ensuring safety to the public.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, our range of high quality railings can be tailored to individual and specific requirements in order to ensure that every purchase is as unique as the next. After all, there is no reason why security and safety shouldn’t look elegant! To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Cheshire Metalcraft team today. Whilst we may have the best gates in Manchester, our range of railings are not too far behind!