Okay, so here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we know that everyone has a preference when it comes to what type of gate they choose for their home. Every home is different and each home owner has worked hard on their property to make it personal to them. So when completing your home with a gate, why wouldn’t everyone want something different?


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A lot of people choose to have wooden gates on their home. Some people find wrought iron gates to be a bit too harsh or imposing, so wooden gates are the perfect option. Wooden gates still provide security, privacy and control – it could be argued more so, than iron gates and that’s why they’re really popular.

There are many benefits to having wooden gates installed at your home; for one it adds value to your home if you were ever looking to sell in the future. Of course the most obvious benefit is security. A gated home is less likely to be broken into or vandalised which can come as comfort to some home owners who are worried about things like this.

And wooden gates look beautiful too – really classy and elegant. And what’s great is we can match them to suit each, individual requirements, reflecting your budget too. You can see from the pictures above just a small sample of the different styles of wooden gates and Wrought Iron Gates we can fit. Call us today to discuss your requirements.