In light of a tragic event highlighted in the news recently, we feel it is our professional duty to bring to the attention of all of our customers, potential and existing, the absolute crucial importance of safety regarding the manufacture and installation of automated gates.

At Cheshire Metalcraft, we take the safety of our customers extremely seriously – we use only the best quality products during installation and we also ensure we comply with strict regulations when installing electric gates.

When an order is placed for a set of automated gates we ensure that we tell the customer about the safety guidelines.

We maintain a record of contact details for all clients that have had electric gates installed this also includes a serial number which corresponds to the set of gates fitted to the relevant property.

Upon completion of installation, a checklist is completed, ensuring the below has been adhered too:-

  • Completed compressive risk assessment
  • All relevant installation instructions
  • All relevant user instructions
  • Force test certificate (pass required)
  • Maintenance manual
  • Declaration of conformity
  • Gate must be CE marked

We provide all clients with a copy of the Force Test Certificate which provides comfort in knowing that the electric gates comply with stringent rules regarding the amount of pressure they exert, making sure that the pressure falls within the acceptable safety limits.

All our gates have a manual override, allowing the owner to open/close the gates with a key. Directions on how to operate the gates and the manual override are provided upon completion.

To reiterate, all of our work complies with strict regulations. Our clients safety and security is of upmost importance to us.

If you have any additional questions relating to the electric gates we install, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We are proud of what we do and of our products – that is why we make the safety of our installations paramount.