Dropping your children off at school for the day seems like the most natural activity in the world! We know that our children are safe on their school grounds, but this didn’t happen without effort. The reality is that schools work incredibly hard in order to keep the children in their care safe for the hours that they are on school grounds and this involves employing a range of high quality security measures, including gates and perimeter fencing.

Keeping People Out

These days gates are more secure than a simple sliding lock that anyone can open. In fact, you can now invest in high quality automatic systems that can only be opened with authorisation from a member of staff or by inputting the correct passcode. This helps keep the children inside a school safe as it prevents people who have no right being on school grounds from walking in unnoticed.

Keeping Children In

Whilst many protest the idea of large railings and gates around the exterior of school grounds, the reasons behind it are understandable. After all, the average school has 1,000 to 2,000 students on site every day and without such high security measures in place the students could potential wonder out of the school grounds undetected and during a fire or emergency situation it would be impossible to know whether they are inside the building or not. By using gates on school grounds, children are actually kept safe without even knowing it.

Road Safety

Even though there are speed restrictions in place around schools it doesn’t mean that every driver sticks to them and this can be incredibly dangerous for children when they are entering and exiting the school grounds. In fact, many schools provide children with two or more outings per day to get fresh air and the railings and gates around the perimeter helps ensure safety in the rare occasion that a speeding vehicle was to crash in the direction of the school grounds. Without such measures in place a vehicle such as this one could put the lives of many children in danger.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we have a range of high quality gates and railings that are constructed from strong and durable materials in order to ensure that all children are safe during their day at school. To find out more information about how our product range is safe and secure, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!