If you’re like most people, waking up to the smell of brewing coffee and the heat of a hot summer day is what mornings on holiday were made for. There is nothing better than strolling onto your own personal balcony, brew in hand, and watching the sun beam down on the distant ocean view.

Then reality settles in and you return home. It’s only natural to miss the lifestyle of a holiday. It’s another thing to miss the freedom and sophistication of a balcony. Lucky for you, here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we have an excellent range of balconies which are certain to add an aspect of refinement to your home. Whilst we cannot guarantee an ocean view, we can guarantee quality service.

With a balcony, it is important to take into consideration the safety of those who are too young to think independently, such as children, which is why Cheshire Metalcraft have put together our top safety precautions when it comes to having a brand new balcony installed:

  • Never leave your children unsupervised on a balcony. We understand that at a certain age children are passed the period of life where they need to be constantly watched, however children under 10 should never be left alone on a balcony.


  • Keep furniture away from the balcony railings so that children are not tempted to climb on them. Small children especially will experiment and investigate unaware of the dangers.


  • Be aware of the gaps between the structures of the balcony as they may be wide enough for small children to fit through.

At Cheshire Metalcraft, we have a range of different balconies to suit all home types. For the best gates Manchester has to offer, get in touch with us and you’ll soon be feeling that holiday spirit again!