Home security is a common concern, especially in areas with higher crime rates and heavily populated urban areas! Whereas a few centuries ago the average person’s home would have had almost no security measures at all, now we have sophisticated home security systems, closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras, and even painful deterrents like barbed wire and electric fences to keep unwanted guests out! And that is not it! The list of security measures goes on! For instance, some even go to the extent of hiring the protective security services of highly-trained and experienced security staff.

However, there are some who prefer relying on technology instead of humans. As said earlier, those people often opt for CCTVs and whatnot! But what installations can they add to the exterior of their home to boost security and leave their insecurity? One such example could be by installing home security cameras from a company like Deep Sentinel or a similar security solution provider firm to supplement their home security. Such companies can monitor the live feed from those cameras and act swiftly when any threat to the house is detected. That said, here are just three examples of exterior installations that will help bolster everybody’s home security, including yours!

Composite Fencing

Composite fencing is an excellent way to demarcate your property’s borders and provide additional security for your backyard or garden. Fencing crafted from wood plastic composite (WPC) benefits from having boosted strength, weather resistance, and immunity to rot when compared with traditional timber fencing. While timber is easy to splinter and break, composite fencing will ensure your exterior remains protected for the duration of its lifetime.

Roller Shutters

Roller shutters can be a neat and aesthetically pleasing way to boost your window security. They can also add an extra layer of insulation and act as an extra privacy screen too! Roller shutters can be made to fit almost any window and, when lowered, will lock into place securely, ensuring that your windows remain locked tight as you sleep soundly. Roller shutters can be painted or styled to fit with your homes exterior, so you can find the bespoke solution for you!

Wrought Iron Gates

Installing wrought iron gates or railing around your driveway or front yard is a fantastic way of boosting your security while also adding a new aesthetic to your home. Wrought iron gates are available in a huge range of sizes and styles, so you can find the perfect balance between visual appeal and heightened security for your specific needs! Whether you only need to fit wrought iron gates onto a small driveway entrance, or you have a huge area to cordon off with timeless wrought iron railings, you will be able to find the ideal installation for your home, providing extra security, peace of mind, and adding a beautiful visual to your home.