With a society that is obsessed with modern developments and advancements, it is only expected that gates would be the next thing on the agenda. The days of manual gates that serve a simple purpose are being left behind as the focus is placed on aesthetic appeal and modernisation. Here at Cheshire Metalcraft we have put together a few ways you can jump on board the bandwagon.


In the past everybody would get out of their car in order to open the gates to their driveway. However, with a widespread focus on automation, we now want to avoid leaving our vehicle at all costs. Being able to press a button and have your gates open and close themselves is as modern as you can get in the 21st century. Luckily, automatic designs are incredibly efficient, safe, and cost effective which makes them a great investment.


Sometimes neighbours will come together in order to create a gated community and try to make an  area safer to live in. This means that an automatic gate is used by 5-15 people depending on how many houses are in the community and how many of the owners have a vehicle. Of course, a passcode is too risky between so many people which is why an intercom system is often put into place so any visitors can buzz to be let in without a passcode being shared over and over again.


Another way to advance your gates is to implement some kind of CCTV system so that you can catch anyone who tries to meddle or cause any damage on your property. Getting through the gate is how potential thieves will gain access to the land so securing the entrance and exit with high quality CCTV can make all the difference. Plus, it can also make homeowners feel much safer.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft our gates are extremely modern in both their design and development. After all, not only do we have a range of high-quality automatic gates that are guaranteed to make your neighbour green with envy, but all of our iron also wrought work is completed to an incredibly detailed standard. To find out more information, get in contact with the best gates in Manchester today!