Gates are used on most properties for security reasons and for the privacy, more and more people have started to purchase automated gates. Our automated gates are made to a high standard, and manufactured professionally. However due to them being automatic it is important that you maintain your gates to be at highest satisfaction. Cheshire Metalcraft make a variety of automatic gates with a varied range of fob entry systems, therefore there is a plethora of ways to care and maintain your gates.

Keep them clean

It is important to regularly wash your gates, to keep them at their highest quality and for them to be aesthetically pleasing. Waxing them will also give them an extra shine, and make them look more effective. Washing and waxing your gate only needs to happen ONCE a year, and this will make it look good and last a lot longer.

If your gates aren’t cleaned, their appearance can rapidly decrease. It is expensive to get your gates tarnished and repainted therefore it’s important to keep on top of your gates to avoid paying such prices.

Small Insects

Small insects are a big struggle with automated gates. Therefore, try and avoid any insects being able to get on your fob entry system. Even as small amount of moisture can affect the way your system works- making it highly conductive.

Quality is important

Gates around your property will last a long time if bought at the highest quality. The fob system is more efficient and more resistant to damage- meaning the gates can last a lot longer. Higher quality gates provide more secure enclosures for the fob system meaning its less likely to be affected by small insects and the circuit boards are dipped in a protective layer. Should the electrical components or the circuit board fail, you might wish to look at this company or elsewhere for the fabrication of a new circuit board and other necessary parts.

Here at Cheshire Metalcraft LTD we believe it’s important to have annual maintenance appointments, and look after your automated gates. Quality provides a better service and if it means your gates being more efficient and last longer, then it’s important you pick good quality gates. We apply the best Gates Manchester offers, ensuring all our clients are fitted efficient and good quality products.