Double gates are often preferred due to their versatility however many are scared or hesitant to make the switch. Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we’ve compiled a short and snappy piece to give you the low-down on why you should go double…


Double gates tend to be a long-time favourite with those who own a driveway as they offer extra security whilst still allowing easy access in and out of a property. Although large single gates can offer the same protection to a driveway, double gates offer greater accessibility for wider or larger vehicles with ease rather than risking damage to your vehicle.


Double gates help avoid the possibility of a stolen car or joyriders entering a property as well as ensuring the safety of younger family members and pets who may venture near roadsides. Plus, they also scream elegance and promote privacy meaning door to door salesmen tend to avoid going to the hassle of opening the gates.


With a large selection of gate designs in a traditional or modern style, your neighbours will be envious of your aesthetic new piece. Coming in a range of colours, the correct shade will complement whatever kind of property you choose to install them on. With decorative spikes along the top of the framework to add a modern appeal and a range of shapes and sizes, there’s a style to suit everybody’s taste!

Are you convinced on the double gates craze? Visit Cheshire Metalcraft for Gates in Wales and jump on the bandwagon!