When choosing between metal and wooden gates, the choice may seem quite tough! There are many pros and cons for each type, depending on your preference and the specific needs of your property. Today we are here to help make your decision that bit easier with our short blog on the advantages and disadvantages of metal and wooden gate installations!

Wooden Gates

Wooden gates are quite versatile because they can be decorated in many different ways. You can easily stain wood to achieve a certain finish or it can be painted to be any colour that you would like. Wooden gates are also extremely sturdy, they are often made of thick wood and are capable of withstanding mother natures wrath, especially the strong winds. This means there is a very little risk of the wooden gate being able to blow open. The main thing that could damage a wooden gate would be heavy objects such as a tree falling on it and causing cracks. Other than that, just like metal gates wooden gates can withstand practically anything nature will throw at it.

Something you do need to bear in mind with wooden gates is that wooden installations do need maintenance! Over time your gate will deteriorate under the various weather conditions it endures, especially as treatments on the wood wear away and water seeps in. You may need to repaint or re-treat your gate every few years to maintain its appearance and water resistance.

Metal Gates

Metal gates, just like wooden gates, are extremely durable. Especially if they are made of wrought iron. But of course, one benefit to a metal gate is that it will enjoy a much stronger physical resistance than wood. Metal gates are also not prone to insect infestation like a wooden gate is and will never rot as timber does, but metal may oxidise and rust under wind and rain, and so treatments may also be necessary, albeit with lesser frequency! With metal gates you also don’t lose the ability to have one that suits your style, as there are many designs available you have many to choose from.

Something to bear in mind with metal gates is that cost, as metal gates can run a far higher bill than wooden gates. But the returns you are receiving are those of better strength, longevity, and weather resistance.