Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we aim to provide property owners with residential security solutions that will deliver the peace of mind that they desire. After all, a gate is the most aesthetical way to improve the privacy and security of a property’s exterior.  With this said, CCTV is an alternative approach available to homeowners that is often seen as an industrial concept, but we believe that it is also suitable for residential properties too. In fact, CCTV has modernised since it was first used commercially in the 80s. Read on as we go over a few different ways that this has occurred…

What is a CCTV system?

The initialism CCTV stand for Closed-Circuit Television and it is used to describe a TV system where the channels are not distributed for public use. The cameras that are used are strategically placed and the video is linked to a high-quality network, often in HD, where it can be monitored for safety and security by professionals. This means that CCTV is a very effective theft and vandalism deterrent as it is much harder to commit a crime without being caught when it is in operation.

How do CCTV systems link to smartphone technology?

One of the most interesting ways that CTTV has modernised is the implementation of smartphone technology as it is now possible to view a live feed of the cameras and their POV from mobile devices. This means that homeowners have the power to inspect for signs of crime and vandalism from a completely different location, such as the other side of the world, in order to ensure that their property is secure at all times. In fact, some systems can even send an alert to the homeowner’s smartphone when the CCTV system detects unusual movement.

How much memory can a modern CCTV camera store?

A modern CCTV camera uses a memory card filled with a range of different file limits; however, most systems are able to record and store footage for up to two months. This means that any criminal activity can be recorded and stored without the property owner even realising until a later date. With this said, perhaps the most interesting aspect of a modern CCTV system is that the fact that the footage loops and will rewrite itself once it reaches the file capacity on the memory card which means that the days of stored CCTV footage on tape or DVD is firmly in the past.

Since CCTV is one of the most popular security solutions in operation, it is safe to say that it is an effective approach that can be utilised by both industrial and residential property owners. As one of the leading providers of gates in Manchester, the team here at Cheshire Metalcraft are committed to the security of our clients and their properties which is why we also recommend the implementation of a modern CCTV system. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the Cheshire Metalcraft team today!