Adding a gate onto your home can come with a wealth of awesome benefits, including some that most won’t even consider! Adding a wrought iron gate, for example, comes with the unique aesthetic that can be used to bolster your exterior design. But gates help boost other aspects of your home too, like the security of your premises and the resale value of your property. Let’s take a look at these benefits in closer detail to see exactly how adding a gate to your home can help you!


Adding a gate can boost security in a few different ways. Aside from the obvious barrier to intruders, gates can be easily fitted with bells or other alert systems to give an early indication of visitors! Gates and fences or railings can be fitted to be waist height for a lower security option, or up to 8ft+ for a much more secure installation.


There’s no denying that installing a secure gate on your home can vamp up your aesthetic! This is true whether you’re installing wrought iron gates or steel and plastic composite models. No matter what your exterior design is, having professionally fitted gates can be the final touch on the visuals of your gorgeous external space. Lighter properties and sand-blasted exteriors can make best use of natural light wood effects while darker exterior aesthetics and red brick properties will look fantastic with twisted black wrought iron.


Installing secure and gorgeous gates onto your home can do wonders for your security and aesthetic, but did you know it can raise the value of your home too? That’s right, installing gates on your home can increase the value of your property by over 5%! The actual return on your investment will vary depending on your home and the installation project, but a high-quality installation of secure and well-presented gates are a safe investment to make on one’s home! Automated driveway gates are said to increase the value of your home by the largest margin, because of the enhanced security and privacy they offer along with the convenience of automation!