Here at Cheshire Metalcraft, we’re renowned for our exquisitely-crafted wrought iron gates and railings, but our product range is far wider than this! We stock and supply gates and railings of a variety of materials and styles, from steel and plastic to wrought iron and timber, so no matter what kind of aesthetic you’re aiming for, we always have the perfect final piece to complete your exterior design. Installing gates and railings also brings some fantastic benefits, check out a few below.

Heightened Security

Bordering off your perimeter with gates and railings has some obvious security benefits. By preventing people from having easy access to your property, you’re also protecting yourself from opportunistic thieves and reducing your risk of burglary. Opting for solid front gates – like our timber & steel and steel & plastic models – also provides a boost in privacy for when you’re using your outdoor space. If security at your home is a concern, you can also check out our variety of CCTV systems!

Enhanced Aesthetics

No matter what style your home is, or what era it was built in, a gorgeous set of gates and railings around your property can give your external aesthetic the final touch it needs! If you’re lucky enough to live in an old Victorian-era gothic-style property, wrought iron railings will be the perfect addition, while a modern villa-style property would be better suited to timber. Likewise, steel and plastic gates are the perfect addition to any home kitted-out with composite fencing!

Greater Value

The amazing thing about the benefits of installing gates and railings is that every single one of these upsides comes with a hidden benefit: it raises the value of your property! That’s right. The enhances aesthetics and heightened security are excellent selling points to use to bump up your asking price when you come to selling your home, and that’s without even considering the increased value that comes from having newly-installed, exquisitely-crafted gates and railings installed at your home anyway! Installing the right gates and railings around your garden and home can really boost your property’s value.